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Parents And Children — Your Roles Are Swapped As Time Goes By

Can you see your future ‘old self’ by how you treat your parents now?

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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There is this little story:

A married man treats his parents very poorly without respect.

He talks to them harshly, scolds them, and only gives them worn-out clothes to wear.

One day his little boy comes to him and gives him a terribly worn-out cloth.

He wonders and asks his little boy why is he giving him this very worn-out cloth?

The little boy answers innocently, ‘daddy, this is for you to wear when you’re old!’

‘Because that’s what I saw you’ve been giving to grandma and grandpa!’

‘Children learn more from what YOU ARE than what YOU TEACH’

~ W.E.B.Dubois

When you’re a newborn

Your parents take care of you, day and night

Without proper sleep at night

When you’re a toddler and just learning to walk

Your parents patiently wait for you and encourage you

When you ask silly questions all day long

Your parents answer each of them patiently

They’ll make time for you

Even though you may look like a burden

To them in the pursuit of their careers

Now that you’re an adult

Your parents’ bodies have grown weaker now

Will you care for them?

They walk and move very slow now

Will you complain and say impatiently ‘faster!’

Their memory has grown weaker now

Will you yell, ‘why are you asking again and again!’

They’ve retired and have plenty of time now

Will you make time for them?

Or do you think they’re your burden now?

Your parents are like your little kids now

It’s the swap of the role

Please set a good example

For your children to learn

How to treat you right later

When you become a little kid again

* * *

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