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by Sebastian August 2 months ago in sad poetry
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when panic strikes

Bought a cinema ticket

to see a film that would connect the dots

money well spent

it's clear now where the Sun has its spots

Burning with the desire to shine bright

the Universe expands with every breath

a shooting star in the sky

wishing away the death

Repeating pattern, repeated rhyme

similar to the previous story

this isn't some astronomy stuff

it's about a son and his glory

He aimed for the stars

got shot right where the heart was

missed his train

there was no room for applause

They stopped him from talking

he reacted in panic

kidnapped out of this world

was he really that manic?

Falling to the ground

no room for analysis

just hope he'll make it to the other side

because it's better than paralysis.

sad poetry

About the author

Sebastian August

Healing through writing 🪐

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