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Paradoxes in Blue

by Grayson McNamara about a year ago in nature poetry
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Wash away the world

Taken in Aix-en-Provence, France

The world is a beautiful symphony of hues,

Flamboyant rays of sunshine the brighten up the day,

These people take the stage and make it their own,

Not shying away from the spotlight,

Because they know the spotlight was made for them.

I never wanted to be the center of attention,

I was content to remain the steady,

Calming sea that welcomes the weary.

Blue has always been my favorite color,

The color I wear most often,

The color people associate with me.

Blue is the color of safety,

of peace,

of healing.

The vibrant colors illuminate,

but the light can be harsh.

When the day is done,

And your eyes are overwhelmed by the brilliants,

Come back to the blue.

The steady flow of a river,

An ocean opening its arms,

Skies that seem to smile.

Blue is the color of giving,

Of a soft wave,

Carrying you to a welcoming shore.

Maybe that is why I am drawn to it,

Maybe that is why I try to embody it.

I try to be the healer,

A steady hand,

A gentle light,

Glowing faintly.

But there is another side to blue.

The rare vicious side,

That drowns sailors in its murky waters,

That molds rocks to its will,

That shapes the earth over time,

And can swallow cities.

It claims all in the end.

Blue is a paradox,

Providing the healing touch,

And the silent death.

In that way it is like all humans,

It is not one sided.

It is complex,


That is why I am drawn to it.

It is the color of a gentle welcome,

A mysterious calling.

It has depth,

layers that few have ever seen.

In that way,

It is the most human of colors,

And I am nothing if not human.

nature poetry

About the author

Grayson McNamara

I am a lover of words. I am a trans man (pronouns he/him) writing about my experience through a fantasy and sometimes real world lens. I express the pain of living with PTSD through poetry and horror stories.

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