Panic: Unravelled

by mx kade 2 months ago in sad poetry

The aftermath of you

Panic: Unravelled

I’d love to explain

what happened but I’m

in a ball at the end of my

driveway and I’m shaking.

I’m finding it hard to

breathe because it’s only been

24 hours and bruises on my tits

are finally forming.

I looked at my bed and I’m lighting

another cigarette because it’s the

only way I can control my lungs.

I’m confusing the sound of my heart and

cloudy vision with the storm

rolling in and he’s trying to help me

back inside but the thunder is screaming and

I’ve lost track of my lungs because my

cigarette burnt my throat, unprovoked.

I have to face bruises spreading

through my thighs and

survive another

24 hours even though I

can’t breathe.

I’m trembling violently in a

ball at the bottom of my driveway

and I have

no idea what happened.

sad poetry
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