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by Bailey Thornton 12 months ago in love poems

Help me love

Photo by Andrei Panfiloiu on Unsplash

My innocent heart

eventually skipped a beat

and for years now I've

been falling apart

so unprepared, so blind,

couldn't see,

Just how damaged i've come to be

though i faintly recall,

some memories that aren't gone,

when I would give life my all

and looked forward to my dreams

and regular people things;

but here lately it seems

I can't recall the ones with history.

I've pleaded, i've been defeated

begged you to help stop the bleeding

Help me please?

I can't any longer stand it

help me, love,

im in a permanent panic.

love poems

Bailey Thornton

I’m a lone mommy of a handsome boy. & a full time advocate for anybody who can admit they need an advocate sometimes.. I don’t call my writings poetry, because it’s honestly just thoughts.

Thoughts that just happen to rhyme sometimes..

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