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Breathe Deeply

By Misha KellyPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Anxiety often takes me to places

I do not desire to be

Places with irrational fears and

Moments I wish to flee

Moments that could be spent

Living with more ease

Living outside of my mind

Sitting by my favorite tree

Sitting with my thoughts

Swirling around in the breeze

Trying not to get caught in

A fight, flight, or freeze

Caught in the panic

That often brings me to my knees

Repeated so many times

This should be one of my degrees

I am not religious but in spirit,

I’m asking you, please

Spirit is what saves me

I aim to make it my expertise

Aim to serve self and others

I do not want to displease

Maybe one day I will

Receive the ancient keys

To unlock the wisdom I’ve been seeking

If it only guarantees

To take away the anxiety

So I can only be

Alone with myself and my spirit

To that, I will agree

Panic must be left behind

In order for me to be free

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About the Creator

Misha Kelly

Writer, adventurer, nature lover, student of life

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