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Palisades Peaches

by Jennifer Regis 2 months ago in love poems

Maaaan, listen

Palisades Peaches
Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

I don’t know if it’s

The thin air or

The 300 days of sunshine or

The water from from pristine mountain snow or

A combination of all three

But you take one bite

And you know

Without a doubt

The universe loves you and wants you to be happy

And when I tell you

There is no greater aphrodisiac

Then watching your lover

Eating a palisades peach

I mean, I MEAN

Man, listen

I max out at two

Some post orgasmic haze takes over

And you want for nothing

Except to breathe that thin air

Covered in sunshine

And to drink from the mountain

Man, listen

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Jennifer Regis

Veterinarian, writer, yogini, budding tantrika, sometimes singer, wannabe dancer and all-around wild woman. Come along on my journey of self- discovery. Pronouns: she/her

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Jennifer Regis
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