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Paint by Numbers:

by Saroyan Coles about a month ago in inspirational

Narrative Poem


I never once thought, my worth

was tied to my waist size,

Though, majority of society does?

Care what the scale reads?


I thought hips were made to straddle

I thought hips were made to kiss

I thought hips were made to tickle

Not hit or miss, amongst

department, discount, dating

Comes to light,

the attention

I receive,

when I lose a few pounds

is profound!

Juxtapose the lack of attention,

on days,

I am a little round...


my tummy into high waisted,

yoga pants, and jeans

Suck my tummy in,

Stand up straight,

Stick out, my chin,

Not to leave seeing double...

A woman,

can never win,

against a paint by numbers societal


Use a beautify filter,

use eyebrow powder,

learn to contour,

No one ,

is really looking,

at what your soul has to offer....

Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

I want to empower others with my writing. I have always dreamed of seeing my name, on something.

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