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Pain That Nobody Sees

by Irene Rice 4 years ago in sad poetry
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It's easy to hide it but it isn't easy to deny it.

You may come to notice my writings aren't so sweet or kind.

They come from the pain inside.

The pain. That builds over time.

That has just gotten to the point of you want to cry.

But if you do you won't stop.

So what do you do?

With the pain inside.

You keep it there you let it sit.

Don't let it show.

You don't want people to know.

Know what you ask

That you're hurting inside.

Beating yourself up to no end.

Wishing this pain would stop

Would just go away.

But it won't.

So you just hide it behind

A smile

And laugh

But once

Once someone


There is no point

To lie or hide it.

Might as well tell them.

sad poetry

About the author

Irene Rice

When you read my stories read them carefully because there are truths behind what I post that connect with my life

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