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Outside purpose

by test 5 months ago in performance poetry
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Life is no meaning

Outside purpose
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Outside purpose, life has no meaning. Your reason for living is not just staying alive, but discovering something worth living for.

If the only reason you are alive is for yourself, your life is too small. You are not here to just work, pay bills and die, there is more to your life and it begins with the discovery of your purpose.

There is no greater gift you can give to the world than using your gifts to serve the world. By doing that, you don't only give meaning to your life, you also help others find meaning for theirs.

The peace you seek, the joy you desire to experience, the success you long for, can only be achieved when you start living out your purpose.

A life of purpose can only be fulfilled when you put God first, and make Him the centre of your life.

He is the creator of life, the one who gave you life, He is the reason why you live and without Him, your life has no meaning.

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