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Outdated Love

by Autumn 2 months ago in love poems
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Outdated Love
Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

The love you bring here. It’s outdated. The words you choose to speak, are not for me. The happiness, the smiles, all expired.

Minds like twisted trees. Undressing again from summer rays. Impatient legs, bringing me to travel, through your crowded forest. Restless thoughts, constant observation of your past. My fascination to understand. I am a constant creator.

My plane’s leaving and you’re not coming. My existence does not depend on your absence.

The wind carries you away. I get apprehensive, because I know the storm’s coming. Even if you mean it. I know it’s not real. Like sparkling sprinkles in the snow. When caught by sunlight exhibits fairy lights. But really, is just reflection.

Autumn T

love poems

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Writing has always been my escape from reality. Letting me put memories, pain and desires into words. I enjoy making my stories poetic to really capture the scene and feeling of each line.

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