Out of the Light and Into Darkness

by Orchid Black about a year ago in fact or fiction

Everything is suddenly heightened, and all at once she accepts her death. Though, she has never felt more alive.

Out of the Light and Into Darkness

She knew it was a mistake.

Every part of her screaming to just run away; to leave, and not look back, but something kept pulling her. Teetering on the precipice of an abyss she’d never be able to escape once her feet would hit the pavement.

Sinking and drowning within the confines of something sweet and dangerous all at once, it was a feeling she could not eradicate from her being.

To feel nothing, to expel all her fears, her sadness.

What good were they for anyway? She was not prepared to live with the unwanted guests the rest of her life.

No, what she longed for was right there, lying in another room, and sleeping soundly while her mind raced–imagining all that could be given to her within one–single–beat.

Leaving her room, she drapes her bare shoulders in black, placing the hood upon her head, preparing for what feels like her funeral, but no. It is a new life. A new adventure unburdened by useless emotions she no longer wants.

Light footsteps bring her across the hall, remaining as quiet as possible not to disturb until entering the room. He lies, pale and motionless, safe for his breaths bellowing in and out. He is peaceful, and she thinks, “yes, this is what I wish.” Willing her feet to move, she walks closer to the bed, to her new life, and the one that would be give it to her.

Gently, her fingertips graze upon his cold skin, featherlight, weightless yet, he stirs anyway. He senses her presence, his eyes open and what she sees is a storm within his deep blue orbs. Dilated pupils engulfing and making him look erratic.

He looks beautiful.

Slowly, he sits to caress the warmth of her cheek with one hand, causing his eyes to shut, almost as if it pains him to do so. Thumb moving along her cheekbone. She gasps at the electricity, as her insides begin to stir with anticipation and his hand begins to move down her neck, stopping to feel her pulse and the rush of heat coming from where she sits.

A guttural groan escapes from his throat through still-sealed lips she dreams of prying open with her tongue. To feel the cool of his lips against her heated ones and swallowing each growl and gasp escaping him.

Suddenly, he is nosing along her neck, pushing the sweatshirt off her shoulder.

Inhaling her scent.

Another growl escapes, and his lips are suddenly on her bare skin–she gasps remembering how just days ago this was something he said was impossible.

Bringing his mouth back up to her neck, she says it. The two words that had brought her to his room tonight.

“Do it,” she whispers, almost inaudible.

He grunts and simply offers, “I can’t.”

“You can. Just do it,” she breaks to look him in the eyes. “Please.”

With that, her head inches to the side. Once again, she feels him inhale. Taking in one last moment of her warmth and scent, which he will soon take.

With one last growl, his lips are placed to her skin, and she feels when it happens. Like shards grazing her skin, ready to take whatever is left of her.

With a sigh, they sink into her flesh and euphoria overtakes her. Feeling weightless and at peace, she begins to cradle his head, bringing him impossibly closer as he laps up the dripping remnants of blood streaming down her flesh.

Everything is suddenly heightened, and all at once she accepts her death.

Though, she has never felt more alive.

fact or fiction
Orchid Black
Orchid Black
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