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Out of the Darkness

by Zach Zyskowski 7 months ago in surreal poetry

Into the Light

Out of the Darkness
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Jet black

vicious heartbeats —

a long line of vagabonds

revel in midnight


Wrestle not with tawdry ideals of

messianic mantras,

for all you possess is a mouth

which needs to be



in the dark crevices

of shame,


by the coming forth

of Self.

When you are weary,

The eternal fountain of light

springs forth.



Consolidate your newfound strength

with all your might.

And, with every fiber

of consciousness,


against your chains to


under the immense pressure.

Flash forward

into the bright glaring prism of now.

Unaware of lines, in or out,

transcending the irrational

(and irritating)

structure of claustrophobic yesterday.


a skeleton

of gelatin.

A blob.

Amorphous and strong.

The strength of a gentle massage upon a

fragile form of aging skin and bones.

Lithe and sinewy, look into this moment

without fear and conjure up an open heart of

tender fortitude.

surreal poetry

Zach Zyskowski

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Zach Zyskowski
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