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Out of Spoons:

Narrative Poem

Out of Spoons:
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

As writer,

I could compose,

the most elegant words that could sweeten the tongue.

Sticking to the roof of your mouth like molasses.

As a lover, I could cuddle my partner asleep.

Nightly, wrapped in our duvet and extremities-

Even with the most beautiful worlds,

derived from nothing but my imagination.

My love, sweet nothings,

distant, deprive, disband

Like a craving,

whispers in my ear...

When dear,

will you make time for me?


I cannot,

replace the emptiness in my heart.

I am out of spoons—

None left to swoon

Ever changing,

as phases of the moon.

sad poetry
Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

I want to empower others with my writing. I have always dreamed of seeing my name, on something.

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