Out of Reach

by Regina Bass 3 months ago in sad poetry

A collection of Short Poems

Out of Reach


Curse myself

for being a fool

unworthy of the


spoon-fed to me

by chance.


Clear, blue sky today

Foggy, blustery night tomorrow

Chances of rain

Rising up high

No, it’s not water

It’s bullets,

It’s gas,

It’s bombs.

I prayed to the heavens yesterday,

I hid from its wrath today,

Tomorrow I’ll be a dead-man

It’s deadly,

It’s lethal,

It’s war.

Memento Mori

Silver and gold and diamonds and pearls,

plus all of the silk that one can unfurl,

cases of riches in all of its glory,

serve only to me as a memento mori.

sad poetry
Regina Bass
Regina Bass
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