Our Last Goodbye

by Sou Buapha about a year ago in heartbreak

End of Chapter

Our Last Goodbye

What’s forgotten was meant to be broken

the thought of, “I could get over you”

and the thought of, “You could get over me”

Cause every time I think about the past

brings back memories of us

I’ve gotta move on

Is this really it?

Saying our last goodbye?

We erase everything that was once between us

was it worth it in the end?

You can’t forget all the things we’ve been through

all the pain, sadness, and smile we shared

Trying to forget everything

but do I want it all to go away?

I guess this wasn’t meant to be and I’ll never forget

I hate that you’re trying to erase me from your mind

You can’t do this, it’s just not right

please don’t leave, please stay with me

what you said, I’ll won’t forget

This is really it, saying our last goodbyes

we erase everything between us

it was worth it in the end

you can forget all the things we’ve been through

all the feelings we’ve shared, it won’t be anymore

it’s over, goodbye

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