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Our Immortal Hell

by Mia Lynn 2 months ago in sad poetry

A Narcissist's Log.

Our Immortal Hell


Still fighting,

Still standing,

Losing breath,

Energy draining,


Never refraining

It's our way of life,

The eternal damnation!

Trapped like rats in a glitter-less cage...

Steal trap bars... All around us... Bound to us... I wish we wouldn't... Have found us... Yet, we are ruthless... We have no shame... We are equals...

In our love? game!

Round 1:

"What is it that you really want because trying to be what you're really not is resulting in the nothing you got."

"You're getting older maybe not so much wiser more lines on your face nothing more to chase."

"Where has your beautiful soul gone? Your eyes give you away. So tired in the light of day."

"Doesn't matter you'll party at night by fake light, that'll make you look alright, right?"

"Your beauty is almost gone!"

"Alas, But... here you are still all alone with just me. So how's vanity been working out for you? When you're just like me."

Round 2:

"You are my eye candy."

"You're just so sweet to me."

"You smell so perfectly."

"But it just cannot be true or real."

"Believe it."

"You are my eye candy."

"You are so sweet to me."

"You smell so perfectly."

"Goodnight my love."

Round 3:

"You repeatedly hurt me for reasons I don't understand. So, I know pain all too well. Welcome to my misery, my unhappy hell."

"Your kisses are so sweet to me, your body fits perfectly, against mine, but it is the words that you speak to me that always cross the line."

"I cry tears over you long after the fight is done, just as I have since the day that we've begun... We always love the deepest that which hurts us the most because if we don't love it the deepest it wouldn't hurt us at all."

"I want you with me... Forever by me... But it's hard to keep that loving look upon me."

"I'm always afraid for me... I don't think you'll hit me, smack me, or kill me but you will sucker punch the wind right from inside me... you cannot break your habits nor let the past die."

"You can only harp on the little things that make me always sigh... I have visions just like yours."

"Yeah, of grandeur. That we make up always and speak softly and sweetly, hardly fight at all really, and rely on each other only."

"And that will never be. Never become real. We dice each other to shreds to rot like onion peels."

"My heart, it keeps on breaking, does yours? Because we both keep cutting deeper thinking there's nothing more."

"We both tried our best, but what is still left standing is a single woman and a single man who kept failing each other's tests."

"Despite what you think or say these are not games I play... I am truly caught between love and hate."

"I don't always understand you, can easily get appalled by you... in my attempts to relate... You exhaust me, yet I want you... Your body speaks to me while I build walls up to elude you."

"Yes, I know, I try to breach them, but you just thicken them... you think I've hurt you but I hurt you no more or less than you have hurt me... We are equally matched yet so detached... I cannot hold what won't sit still, I cannot calm what gets enraged at will."

"I have tried to kiss away such fears but it seems only at the expense of more and more of your own tears... I cannot live like this for countless years... but I am torn and your body now looks worn."

"Oh, how I still want to make beautiful those walls that lay within your sunkissed skin."

"But that task is just too big... I must step back... We both need to step back. My baggage is just too heavy for your shoulders to burden. And I'm bored to tears of all these years of screaming at you waiting for you to come around to the way I feel. The end draws near and a change is about to come, with you I'm done."

"Yeah because it's not like I haven't already burdened myself with all your baggage of your own immortal internal hell and you don't want me to compete. Just drop me cause you're done with me. Seriously. Does all that liquor kill the pain, deaden your memories like Novocaine? Does it course through your blood like ants hard at work chipping away at all the hurt? Is little me constricting your air? You walk around like you just don't care. Your dreams were big making your current life seem small, I guess, is any of this something you can get over at all? Say you're sorry for your half and confess. I'm not judging or criticizing at all just observing your apparent fall. I don't understand your defensive nature; are you trying to convince me or yourself about your lifestyle endeavor? All I can truly say is good, I'm glad you think you know that without me you'll finally be happy. If this is really who you are and you're okay with where your life is, at this point, this far. Then yes, I guess I'm gone."

Round 4:

"I miss you like a sweet tree's breeze that sweeps us off our feet. Please don't wake me. Please I beg from this beautiful sleep, from this blissful beautiful life."

"I've got butterflies in my stomach, and dreams in my eyes, feelings I can never disguise. My heart is aflutter because you melt me like butter you have me daydreaming every day. I wanna come home so again we can play."

"All is forgiven, all is forgotten. Come home so we can make delicious, what was once rotten."

Round 5:

Round 6:

and on and on and on...

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Mia Lynn
Mia Lynn
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