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Our Black Promenade

by A.R. Marquez 2 years ago in surreal poetry

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Art by the wonderful Depressed Dodo: www.artstation.com/depressed_dodo

I went forward in time

Through the black powder

And thought pestilence

Removing the veils that lay across our eyes

Admiring the deep sleep

A slumber that lasts forever

The death of us

I’ve arrived from the ether

An echo across the landscape of decay

Withering hopes drawn into tepid puddles

This Steadicam waltz

At the dawn of the breathing cessation

Closing our eyes in accord

to witness

our consciousness stumbling in the dark evermore

With no exhalations to warm our transitory memories

Quiet so deafening

Trepidation so uncontrollable

No peacefulness lay at the rim of the endless void

Only a burgeoning lunacy

and the compunction of observing time

flow through our hands

Similar to sand

from a broken hourglass

Sunlight pierces through

My closed eyes brightening in the dark

I came back from forever

Stumbling across our undulating corpses

Wispy smoke still flaring from the holes in our temples

Awakening next to you

Watching you breath the lasts of our breaths

before we dance across the grave

Our black promenade

surreal poetry

A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California.

He writes and publishes Surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, and horror-fiction.

He played guitar for Held In Scorn.

Instagram = @xVagrantxGhostx

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A.R. Marquez
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