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Optimism and pessimism

by Abel Johnson Thundil about a year ago in social commentary
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Written by Abel Johnson Thundil

Optimism and pessimism
Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

The optimist

Thinks he can swim,

And jumps into the water.

The pessimist

Knows he can swim,

But wears a floating donut.

The pessimist's greatest strength

Is also his greatest weakness.

He has the strength of knowledge;

Knowledge that something bad can happen.

Because it's easy

For something bad to happen.

The optimist says the chance is same

For things to be right or wrong.

He is right.

But it is like keeping a matchbox

On the rim of a boat,

And waiting for it to fall.

There is equal chance

To fall in

Or fall out.

But falling in, it is saved.

And falling out, it is useless.

social commentary

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Abel Johnson Thundil

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