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by Mahnoor 2 months ago in performance poetry
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Photo by Kei on Unsplash

A New Month is A New Opportunity For You to get it right and make BIG things happen!


It's time to Get to work and make your dreams and vision a reality!


You don't have to keep making excuses about your life and where you might be right now, YOU can actively go out and change it all, right now!


All it takes is a moment to make a powerful and committed decision to change it all and start living the life you want to live. A life that truly moves you and inspires you, life on your own terms, a life that exceeds your own standards and expectations.


Get up a bit earlier and get focused on the things that truly matter to you and the things that are going to make you better, stronger and happier.


This month is your opportunity to let the past be the past and GO out and do something great, meaningful and empowering for yourself.


The year might feel like it is getting away from you, but it's up to you to take charge and take control of your life and put together your best month EVER!


Everyday is an opportunity to make BIG things happen and to make your wildest Dreams a reality, so make the most of it and stop waiting for things to change because I can promise you that They won't change until YOU CHANGE!


Play time is over!

Let's take it to a whole new level this month!

performance poetry

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