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Operator’s Man.ual

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

By Earl W. PearlPublished 26 days ago Updated 26 days ago 1 min read

A manual’s provided with everything made

If there’s value that’s often the case

A manual’s included if something’s been paid

And it’s likely our one saving grace

That car in the driveway, the boat at the pier

They come with a manual for care

If something goes wrong and the fix isn’t clear

The manual has answers in there

It’s through our frustration we learn what to do

As a last resort, open the book

Collecting the parts and the pieces we threw

As we’re giving the manual a look

We’re given instructions when setting things up

Like a microwave, TV, or watch

Our cookbooks may call for a measuring cup

So the dinners we make we don’t botch

Instructions can offer a few other perks

If they’re followed the way they are shown

The manual will also show why nothing works

Like those projects we tackled alone

We struggle with these many things and the rest

Though there’s manuals that came with each one

Instructions reveal how things function the best

And ignored, how they often won’t run

Yet nothing of value is greater than you

Wherever you find yourself at

God made us for heaven whenever we’re through

And He gave us a Manual for that

When feeling convicted and starting to doubt

If your snowblower’s dying as well

Best open some manuals and figure things out

Or you’ll watch everything go to hell


About the Creator

Earl W. Pearl

I’ve been writing poetry (rhyming mostly) since about 2014 and have recently transitioned to writing novels and short stories. My poetry genres are faith, humor, social issues, politics, pretty much any subject matter.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Rowan Finley 26 days ago

    Beautiful, convicting, sobering, and great job! 👏

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