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Open Mic

by CAPNIFICENT 5 months ago in social commentary
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After The Rally

Open Mic/ open eyes / after the rally

I thought we climbed the summit /we ascended to a valley

some agendas stay covert like a store front alley

mark your checklist of good behavior off with a tally

original purpose for gathering/ dissipates like smoke

a hashtag / metamorphs into a joke

Empty words/ echo through city blocks that feel remote

as the lonely voice / behind and uncounted vote

flip on the screen/ another movie trailer or meme

to numb the senses and the trauma

saw another crime scene

the hate is real/ it's sad how the world can be chill

with seeing hate crimes and have no sad feels/ for real

witnessing the beam of justice/ be unstable

explaining the pain/ but to some it's just a fable

Always having to prove/ why I'm welcome to the table

I erase the stereotypes and ignorant labels

that only marks me as soft and sweet as maple

It's March 1st/ should I lighten my verse?

since Black History was yesterday/ and other problems are worse?

some see my complexion as a sinister curse

I know better than that/ I build my confidence first

inspiration in every single note/ song or verse

keep my dreams alive/ since doubt would put them in a hearse

some say since I'm Black/ I can't support Stop Asian Hate?

After all/ most of the perpetrators are from my race

face the world/ through a portal

racism is immoral

I face the fact that I'm human/ I'm not immortal

open mic/open heart/ speak my open mind

after the rally/ there's still justice to find

there's still peace to fight for/

if all I do is rewind

then progress is futile and movement is vain

I understand why passion is conceived out of pain

flowers out of rain

muscle growth out of strain

its a life cycle chain

repetition of history

mystery in window panes

of the soul

my perspective still isn't the whole

only a fraction

aftermath of the action holds

a place in my life

a catalyst to proceed

I feel the struggle

thoughts I juggle

formulate the lyrics to the anthems we write

hoping their impacts last more than a holiday night

I validate you/ for you I dedicate this Open Mic...

experience is teacher / the text book is my plight

talent is a gift that can shed a little light

the rally was amazing/ but when the crowds out of sight

who's there to fix the broken windshield to your life

that's why I understand my position

artist is more than one definition

we are the shapers of laws/ creators of codes

mood makers/ heart breakers/ and healers of souls

in one mold

our medium is the world around us

from sounds we capture

to visions we replicate / before during and after

See the whole process/ progress with the times

Linguistics to captivate a multitude of minds

Silent like mimes/ that speak volumes with hand signs

signs of the times/ progress don't rewind

after all the lines are scribed

and contrived/ we take a few steps back

to review and thrive/ and never let success make us slack

on knowing that what we hold

is pure / refined gold

tryna survive in world that's turned cold

as winter weather/

start a fire

ignite more passion/ and hope inspiration goes higher

live as a wire

hope it touches your soul/ and raptures you like a choir

even through the muck and mire/

life tries to swamp me down

so many analogies of reality/ to help you understand

my perspective as an artist/ when there seems to be no plan

after the rally/ when the minds an empty canvas

the artist keeps the vision alive

the artist is my...


social commentary

About the author


Welcome to creative writing side. My name is Amman Jordan. My artist name is CAPNIFICENT. I love writing my own lyrics and I love to read intriguing books. I like read non-fiction mostly but I will definitely delve into fiction a few times.

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