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Only Seconds

by Autumn 2 months ago in nature poetry
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The world's canvas

Only Seconds
Photo by joe ting on Unsplash

Ever since I owned my own camera, I was fascinated by the way I was able to capture time in a visual manner. For all the memorable days I wanted to last forever, concerts I wanted to relive, sunsets with colours a mind could never arrange.

I would travel to a place unknown with my eyes and a camera. Palm trees swaying to the orchestra of the ocean winds, sand so delicate it could've been powder and creatures so unfamiliar, to a little Canadian girl. I was taken by the lens, the thought of capturing every single moment pulled me in. I didn't really get to live those experiences. Eyes, are the front row seats.

As I continue living the moments I've been blessed with, I've come to realize that taking in the world's canvas is much more worthwhile, through you're own eyes. It's pleasant to look back and remember, although all you need is the experience to feel real satisfaction.

I've set the camera down for once in a lifetime adventures and beautiful coloured landscapes that will only last a few seconds, as I have gained more appreciation for the gifts the world has granted us. Take the time, feel every minute.

Autumn T

nature poetry

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Writing has always been my escape from reality. Letting me put memories, pain and desires into words. I enjoy making my stories poetic to really capture the scene and feeling of each line.

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