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Only IF

by Jason White 2 months ago in love poems

an original poem by Jason White

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They say;

Behind every successful man

Stands a strong woman.

One who listened more,

One who bore the weight of the world upon her shoulders.

The story we don't tell

Is how this tale goes both ways.

The greatest murderer of happiness

Is expectation

And baby,

Your expectations are so unrealistic.

Only if

We stopped drawing lines in the sand

Only if

We were willing

To stand wherever we need to,

Wherever it made sense

At that moment in time.

Only if we changed the narrative.

Behind every strong person

Is another strong person

Who sometimes leads,

And sometimes follows.

The one who sometimes bears more than they want to.

And, sometimes get to shed it

To fertilize their relationships.

love poems
Jason White
Jason White
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Jason White

Jason White is a father, a grandfather, knowledge seeker and sharer. Jason is the owner of Growth Positive Consulting where he puts his fundraising and management skills to great use. He is a writer, a woodworker, and a philanthropist.

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