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Only for You

a poem for those who will never be understood

By Peyton DempseyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Only for You
Photo by Ruan Richard Rodrigues on Unsplash

I told myself that I would

Make this one simple to read

So you could finally listen

I told myself that this would

Be the one you could see

Right through like a glass window

And reach for me on the other side

I told myself many things

But I knew no matter the efforts

I make to simplify my voice

You could never possibly see through

Because my glass is splattered and stained

Like a Pollock made of only words

Inconceivable to your naked, juvenile mind

An art you would belittle and compare to

The movement of a body

Or the taste of whiskey

I came to understand that you

Could never try to read the words

In front of your drowning eyes

That you could only break the glass

And use the razor sharp words

To cut me and watch me bleed

And with the shattered pieces

Scattered at my bare feet

I could only glue together the ones

That remained fit for you

The ones you could finally read

"I am sorry I am this way"

love poems

About the Creator

Peyton Dempsey

trying to find the motivation to write poems again


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