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One World

by Chris Siener 8 months ago in inspirational
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What can you do for this World?

One World
Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

What’s it going to take

for our own human race

to think not as one

province, state, or nation

🌎 but as 🌏 One World 🌍

to ensure wholistic preservation?


Will if be the next Covid strain

or this global warming thing?


Realizing we are engrained

in isolated political systems

but if, and when, we encounter

the next worldly disaster

will those institutions even matter?


Picture all the possible

emoji flags becoming one.

What would our One World flag

look like, when it was done 🏳️?

By Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash

Is your nation, the United Nations,

the United Nations Framework

Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),

and the World Health Organization (WHO)

enough for the sustainability of me and you?


Ask not what this world can do for you,

but what you can do for this world.

By Tyler van der Hoeven on Unsplash


About the author

Chris Siener

Many poems and posts I write have a nature theme, with family or faith frame of reference. I hope you enjoy.

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