One's Love

by Logan J. Eccles 2 years ago in art

To love another one must first come to love thy self.

One's Love

To Love another one must first come to Love thy self.

To Love thy self is the feeling of truly living.

For some it comes easy for others not so much,

but this is surely what one must do.

Self Love puts one's mind at ease,

it calms the nerves, and settles all needs.

Loving thy self makes life so beautiful.

All ones surroundings look absolutely wonderful.

One's worries and doubts set aside to make

room for glorious new life.

Riches and simplicity galore all because one

finally opened the door.

Yes, it starts with Love so

open thy heart , let one's self walk through.

TO Love one's self is the best thing to do.

Logan J. Eccles
Logan J. Eccles
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Logan J. Eccles
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