One Equals One

by Bethany Blicq 2 years ago in love poems

Series: Infinite Love Poems

One Equals One

The nature of the universe.

The universe is an equal sign.

Everything in the universe is equal, that is the cosmic joke.

The amnesia and illusion that we have agreed to.

We built an illusion:

we put “things” on either side of the equal sign

created equations, algorithms, “meaning,” and “problems.”

Virtual reality is made for learning,

for exploring and dis - covering and creating.

Yet, it is so often just used to experience suffering.

This is the virtual reality, built around the equal sign.

All knowledge is illusion, there is no knowing,

because everything is in


Am I sure? 100%? Do I believe? In anything?

There is no way to be sure. There is no 100% guarantee in life or love.

Unpredictability is one of the most beautiful aspects of this reality.

I believe what I choose to believe, that which love guides me to,

in the direction of harmony.

We judge each side of the equal sign

and ignore the Presence and existence of the equal sign.

even though we know that (0) nothing makes (zero) sense without it,

or with it (the universe is not limited to making sense and rationality).

Each judgment is a lie, an illusion.

Choose your life, do you follow love or do you fear love?

Do you prefer reality or illusion?

How do we judge what is made up, illusion,beyond comprehension?

Each judgment surpassed is a step toward love.

Written on October 5, 2017

“Love said to me:

There is nothing that is not me.

Be silent.”


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Bethany Blicq
Bethany Blicq
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