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One Day, I'll Thank Myself for This

by savage writer 2 years ago in inspirational

For real

One day I’ll thank myself for pushing through

all the obstacles I done had to climb over

Using my natural gift to uplift more than just the children

All that it ever took was willingness

A willingness to take a few risks, never came without any challenges

I had no experience in the beginning,

not a soul was there to advise me on anything

No editor, no agent, no designer

I was the only person on my team

What I did have was a fiery desire to let my voice be heard,

despite all that resistance I may have faced in my tumultuous past

To my face I was told dat’ I’d never make it, if this shoe fits

Den’ I’m gonna take it off just to chuck it at you for believing in such blasphemy

Writing became more than a hobby, something which actually saved my life cuz’

I dunno where I’d be right now without it

Proud that I never gave up in my efforts of spreading my message

Soon enough this rise to glory will be showcased to the masses

Timing is aligning, won’t speak too much on it but

Persistence pays lucratively, why do you think I penned SO MANY books

I ain’ callin’ myself savage writer just so I could punch air every

fuckin’ night man


savage writer


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