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On the Gentle Waves of the Mediterranean

by Ethan Hawley 9 months ago in nature poetry
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Where the soul breathes and slowly regenerates itself

On the Gentle Waves of the Mediterranean
Photo by Antonio Sessa on Unsplash

On the gentle waves of the Mediterranean

travel voices reflected in waves

full of messages born throughout history.

Where the sun shyly encourages the most fearful to dive into the water,

perhaps still too cold,

while the relaxing lapping of the waves alternates with the playful murmur

of some children.

Its rays camouflage themselves

behind a pleasant breeze coloring the skin,

still pale with an invisible caress.

And in the meantime, the soul breathes,

and slowly regenerates itself.

Immerse yourself in the advancing light of the day,

sing hymns of praise and gratitude together,

listen to voices of invisible beings in the morning,

understand the joy of birds at dawn,

and start the day full of mysteries and candor.

I swam in the mature silence of the day

past the night that slowly disappeared

mute and hiding in the light of the sun that advances

in the blue sky where the stars hide themselves

so as not to be the object of faceless gazes.

We move in aquatic labyrinths without entrances and exits.

Light and darkness are the two currents of the path

with the warning: live decent, and you will be pleased.

Everything moves, and yet we are still on the earth.

This is a human swimming in a world of lights

where darkness serves to rest peacefully.

Dreaming of a beautiful tomorrow full of joy and peace

while everything is silent as our tomorrow matures.

We are alive, and by dying, we will live again forever.

nature poetry

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Ethan Hawley

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