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On that Tuesday

by Heather Hubler about a month ago in social commentary · updated about a month ago
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by H. H. Lynn

Reflecting on the day after the parade, the holiday, the special event.

It's that Tuesday,

After that Monday

When everyone was high on life–celebrating,

When normal was tucked away and everything was special.

Nothing feels the same on that Tuesday,

After that Monday

Even though my reflection hasn't changed...


Up close I can see the ghost of a smile,

One that speaks to the butterflies in my stomach

Still fluttering around from that Monday–

Echoes of freedom and acceptance and love.

But today is that Tuesday,

After that Monday,

And I'm not sure what matters in the after

And the in between.

Is it hopes and dreams?

The reality I make?

Finding joy in between big moments?

A who instead of a what?

I think I'm figuring it out a little each day.

What I do know is on that Tuesday,

I'm still a child of divorce.

A victim of abuse.

A woman in a man's world.

Monday's exuberance can't change

That I know the burden of loneliness.

The unfairness of sexism.

The cynicism of aging.

On that Tuesday,

I'm still a daughter who lost her mother this year.

Confused on how to feel when the relationship was rough.

Sad for missing what was missing.

On that Tuesday,

I'm still a mother of four,

And even on that Monday because

Motherhood. Never. Stops.

I still cry at night when no one sees;

Sad my babies aren't little anymore.

The hugs and kisses have slowed.

Time spent together is different.

On that Tuesday,

After that Monday

I'm still trying to find moments for myself;

To remember me.

Stolen moments to read,

To write,

To slow down and just be;

Enjoy time with people I choose.

On that Tuesday,

After that Monday,

The world keeps moving

But people seem to stay the same.

The fleeting fellowship from the day before has faded.

The population remains divided.

The name of love is used to hate.

Relationships are suffering.

Despite that Monday,

Before that Tuesday

When everyone tried to get along,

Nothing has really changed.

But maybe it could. Maybe I could.

I think I'm figuring it out a little each day.

Maybe that Tuesday,

After that Monday

Could be its own kind of special;

And so could the Wednesdays all the way through the Sundays.

Perhaps on that Tuesday,

I'll give myself some grace.

Smile at my reflection and

Move forward instead of looking back.

So on that Wednesday,

I'll feel more confident

And maybe a little less sad, angry.

I might want to 'people' a bit.

But maybe that Thursday,

Will be too hard,

And I won't feel like trying to be someone better.

I'll just want to wallow in my misery.

But hopefully on that Friday,

I can pull myself together.

Focus on what's good.

Let go of other's expectations.

So when that Saturday rolls around,

I can feel free to live life without reservation.

Strive to learn something new and understand better.

Love more fiercely.

And on that Sunday,

Oh, that Sunday before that Monday

When anticipation is high,

I want to breathe out the grace I've given myself and

bestow it on others, because we all need it.

Because that Monday is coming.

And I want it to be a reflection of all the Tuesdays

Through Sundays that came before.

I want those butterflies of freedom, acceptance and love

to be present every day.

I hope when it's that Tuesday again,

After that Monday

When everyone is high on life,

That it feels normal to be special.

social commentary

About the author

Heather Hubler

Coffee, reading, writing, family–they get me up each morning and keep me up in the middle of the night. I have a degree in Biochemistry, but my split personality loves English just as much!

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  • C. H. Richard18 days ago

    I feel like this should read aloud in the theatre. I'll think of this poem many a Tuesday now.

  • C. H. Richard18 days ago

    I loved how you used days of the week to relate emotions. Beautiful ❤️

  • Sooji Fyrd25 days ago

    I love your honesty, this is really what it feels like isn't it? the world never stops for anyone. I like how you use the days of the week to talk about the past present and future...and your hopes for the future. I found your poem very relatable and genuine.

  • Very raw and evocative!

  • Penny Fuller25 days ago

    I have a lot in common with the narrator. Motherhood. Never. Stops. Nice work, nailed the prompt perfectly.

  • This was a fantastically written poem!

  • The Dani Writer29 days ago

    A unique concept to incorporate into poetic form. Nicely done!

  • Luna Jupiterabout a month ago

    Truly engaging and so relatable! I enjoyed every bit of this piece. Great work!!!

  • Austin Coxabout a month ago

    Evocative, detailed, and descriptive! This was very well done, thank you for sharing!!

  • A true description of daily social life.

  • John Evaabout a month ago

    Really well done!

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    wow. That is fantastic. Well done.

  • That is some journey, absolutely excellent

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