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On Language

by Jennifer Regis 2 months ago in social commentary

A poem about semantics

On Language
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The human animal is unique in that it has a thing called language

A prayer, a spell, a wish, an affirmation

It's essentially all the same action

But language tells us the degree to which one is possble

Riot versus rebellion

When you read those words did your posture change? did you tense up a bit? jaw get a little tight? pulse quicken a little?

This collection of letters and words and phrases and clauses that we just made up can change our physiology

Love. Compassion. Cooperation. Altruism. These words exist because we've seen enough of them in ourselves that we gave them names.

We know what we are capable of

social commentary

Jennifer Regis

Veterinarian, writer, yogini, budding tantrika, sometimes singer, wannabe dancer and all-around wild woman. Come along on my journey of self- discovery. Pronouns: she/her

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Jennifer Regis
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