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Omnipotent mission

by Robert mackenna 7 months ago in inspirational

My purpose.

Omnipotent mission
Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

I'm on a omnipotent mission

I've been giving some conditions

gotta make a rendition

for all of the spirits missing

Praise the day ,used to feel like I was made of clay

I entered the kiln to see my own ways

couldnt be killed by my own hands of angst

Now I am happier

the days seem sunnier

all the jokes funnier

I'm just waiting for my journey to start

a long long walk with divinities in heart

Some may call me a dreamer

I see you in my sleep

catch a love fever

baby you know I'll never need ya

baby you know I'll never need ya

your just someone who will understand

your just someone who knows I'm the kind you can always depend

and when we are old and ancient

you'll still feel ageless

as I worship you as a sage

trust me I am safe bet

saved myself from depths of death

Honey I know your wondering

wandering the world

let's go to Egypt

let's see the pyramids

watch the Nile flow

see how serious the energy unfolds

I am one with the sun

for over a million runs

and I am one with moon

in my energies expression

all kindness and truth

I am one with the Earth

as I disperse sacred herbs

upon my body

I was in the Devils lobby

now God has me in display

to their dismay

their demise

just in time

for my rise

no need to get bent out of shape

I'll form it back to be a wounded warrior of this place

make sure the spirit never feels displaced

We are as we came

we will not carry shame

humbly worn

humbly adorned


Robert mackenna

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