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Old Tigers

by Charles Turner about a month ago in social commentary

They lie in sunlit glades

Old Tigers
Photo by Zulnureen Shariff on Unsplash

Somewhere old tigers are free

They lie in sunlit glades

You can hear them growling sleepily

You can tell their minds are made

Somewhere Midas is the king

His walls are paved with gold

He never wants for anything

His rooms are never too cold

His rooms are never too cold

As you turn inside your room

You look into your fate

Your past is a holy womb

Your future comes too late

Outside the city`s breathing loud

You see the subway throngs

In the seething of the crowd

You hear their rattling bones

You hear their rattling bones

You`ve played the radio

It`s the same on every band

You`ve scorned the late late show

Missed the party that you`d planned

How your body aches with pain

But your mind`s too false to move

In the dark night on the wane

You`ve nothing else to lose

You`ve not a thing to lose

So now the wheel must turn

The dust will settle down

You`ve never watched your candle burn

You`ve never moved around

You`ve only guessed the mystery

In a lonely mirror`s scowl

Through the deep hurting mysery

You hear old tigers growl

You hear old tigers growl

social commentary

Charles Turner

My work is based on who I am now and have been in the past. It is based on a lifetime of reading. Autobiography, standard fiction, sci/fi, fantasy, westerns. I plan to put together a collection of short stories to publish via Amazon.

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Charles Turner
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