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Old Job New You, No Job Yay You

by The Dani Writer 2 months ago in social commentary · updated 2 months ago

When you NEED to go there...

Old Job New You, No Job Yay You
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

I outgrew the place that called itself my job.

Shifts on replay and attention peaked for the smallest crumb of difference to let me know another day had passed.

The lunchroom smaller, more sterile.

Increasingly plastic conversations from revolving staff.

Doors of starting and leaving

so no plausible case for the claustrophobia

which filled nostrils giving me a resting face of

Let me out, I can’t breathe in here!

while I listened to yet another department update.

It was all beehive without the buzz.

Scores of people running around to demonstrate that they had

something important to do until there was nothing left to be done

and they exuded despair.

Three more agonizing hours left on shift

All hunger.

All reaching.

Then nothing.

Then everything.

Patterns repetitive but progress be damned.

Logic and reason thrown out the window but management’s happy.


Everything’s fine as long as there are no complaints.

Facades are multistorey ultramodern complexes

across sprawling manicured grounds that placate the eye of the beholder.

Wherever I cast my gaze I saw understandable fear

transition people into comprehensive cowards

and realization dawned that I was surrounded.

That is until the beauty and power of all that is life lifted me skyward

to air clean and fresh.

So now I resolve never again lose freedom’s scent

as I burst into the office

still high off solar systems, asteroids, and planetary orbits

explaining all exponential options available of where the sun doesn’t shine

so that my job can be shoved there.

Savoring the sweetness of limitless expansion.

Enjoying the feeling of living

without ever having to clock in.

Photo by Hassan Nizam on Unsplash

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