Old Friends

My Take on Mental Health

Old Friends

my depression whispers "you should just sleep here"

​when i sit on the couch after a long day.

she haunts me like the souls stuck in Hill House,

and all the humming i do won't keep her out my head.

my depression is a weight on my body -

​not the extra weight from binging,

but a human sized weight that glues me to the bed.

she tells me i'm stupid and makes me dwell on my regrets.

my depression screams "shouldn't this be the end?"

she yells to me "stay home, they're not your friends"

my depression tries to tell me that since i had a fucked up childhood,

the happiness i feel now won't be forever.

she often brings over her friend anxiety

who tries to break me down and lie to me.

my depression takes a hiatus every now and then;

hopefully when she comes back next time

i'll be strong enough not to let her in.

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Jessika Lazala

Jessika Lazala is a teacher and writer from Springfield, MA. Her writing is motivated by trauma, love and loss.

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