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Old Comforts

by Elise Lashinsky 2 months ago in performance poetry
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Sometimes comfort seems to come in things that hurt you, but then you learn what comfort really is

Old Comforts
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Comfort used to be all day in bed

playing dead, trapped in my head

not knowing what to do

not knowing if I wanted to do anything


Comfort used to be routine

Keeping me moving like a wind-up toy

robbing me of little bits of joy

every day, just the same


Comfort used to be an empty stomach

gnawing at the terrifying


anxiety dulling my need for sustenance


Comfort used to be solitude

so no one could see

my shame and my failure

the dysfunction chipping me away


Comfort used to be wasted money

empty purchases that drained my bank account

and left me wanting for more

band-aiding the poverty of my soul


Comfort used to be 11:30

when I could finally go to sleep

close my eyes

and journey away from my life


Comfort used to be silence

shielding myself in a numb quiet

not the silence of peace

but the silence of nuclear destruction


Now, comfort is waking up, the morning

sun shining through the windows

no longer mourning

days I’m not sure I want


Comfort is spontaneity

trying new things

and taking obstacles as they come

not worrying about what might never be


Comfort is dancing in my kitchen

twirling as I bake quiche and macarons

nourishing myself with sweet and savory memories

celebrated around the dining table


Comfort is greeting the ones I love

with big hugs, spending time together

without a timer ticking down

listening and talking without distraction


Comfort is gifts

of time, attention, and affection

giving and receiving

smiles, laughs, tears, and chances


Comfort is tomorrow

all the aspirations I grow

waiting for each day to begin

rather than needing it to end


Comfort is words

strung together with my own hands

no longer eulogies

but hopes for what is to come.

performance poetry

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Elise Lashinsky

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  • Mescaline Brisset2 months ago

    I can relate to that a lot!

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