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Old and New

For my newest love

By Shaun WaltersPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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I press lightly, encroach on your space

You push back, saying “I am here.”

I rarely talk to you, but then I rarely talk

I don’t want to give any false impressions

I press lightly to let you know I am here

And I always will be

Sometimes I’m scared I won’t be enough

My age is catching up to how old I feel

Energy ebbing, a tide running out

Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s you’re siblings

I want to be here for you like I was for them

Because you are my last.

But then, I’ve said that before.

All my worries are old worries

Recycled, reused, sometimes reduced

Because I know what’s coming -

The crying, the sleepless nights

Because I know what’s coming -

The smiles, the laughter

Because I know what’s coming -

The growing, the leaving behind

Because I know what’s already here-

The love

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About the Creator

Shaun Walters

A happy guy that tends to write a little cynically. Just my way of dealing with the world outside my joyous little bubble.

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