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Ode to My Odalisk

by Rui Alves about a year ago in love poems
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To infinity and beyond

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres | La Grande Odalisque, 1814, on Wikimedia Commons

My Odalisk

There are no days like those that fill my life and my heart since our destiny became one

The sun has a different glow since I’ve discovered how it illuminates your face The sky has become cerulean the earth fertile and serene a passing breeze tender and whispering

The waves sparkle with the crystal clear and pure radiance of your iridescent smile

And the sweet tenderness of the night sprinkled with myriads of twinkling stars holds the velvety beauty of your odalisk eyes from a thousand and one nights more


My Love

The present is a vast ocean of passion while to the horizon stretches a constantly expanding universe of beloved tenderness

To be yours is a plenitude of happiness made of mutual gifts

And the feeling that unites us gains strength

By sharing thoughts emotions anguishes conquests adversities

By sharing everything that’s in the sphere of feeling but also

By the amorous sharing of kisses hands skin bodies

I love you beyond reasoning and feeling

I love you to infinity and beyond

love poems

About the author

Rui Alves

I write to find the surrogate writer in me.

Rui is a graduate of the University of Porto, teacher, and life-coach.

He is also a partner of Rock n’Heavy and the founder of ZENite.

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