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Ode to my Inner Abuser

by Lily Winter about a month ago in sad poetry
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A mental health rant

Ode to my Inner Abuser
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

Hello, Beautiful.

Have you missed me?

Hello, my deceitful torturer

Who lives quietly in my brain,

Stealing everything precious.

You deserve recognition.

Thank you, Beautiful

For killing my will to thrive

Thank you, Beautiful

For wasting all my time

Thank you, Beautiful

For never letting me live

Thank you, Beautiful

For never letting me fly.

Thank you, Beautiful

For stabbing motivation

Thank you, Beautiful

For slicing expectation

Thank you, Beautiful

For making me seem insane

Thank you, Beautiful

For taking over my brain

And, thank you, Beautiful

Most of all

For refusing to die by Lexapro pills

And constantly demanding my fall.

sad poetry

About the author

Lily Winter

Hello! I am an eighteen year old university student, and avid writer. To learn more about me, check out my instagram-

Personal: @lily_winter4722

Business: @lily_winter_author

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