Ode to Maya

Her Gift to Women and Browness in Black History Month

Ode to Maya

What is in your eyes, oh Maya that

always looked like tears?

when you were young but high to knee

your struggles and your strains

your fights as brown would be

Oh Maya your eyes, how they water so

you yearned , you waxed and waned

traveled, sang and danced and learned

and touched

I remembered when I heard your voice

how it rang through my limbs

and I shook

Your vitality and spirit you wound about

all those who count huge before our eyes



honor, love mentor

spoke, moved swayed

your words, as did you

You wept, for true

sometimes when those words

moved you

Your bird was caged but still you rose

and sang your wise and magnificent song

which caught us inside

we saw in those eyes watery languish

strife grief pain

your world in sepia

and ours

turned to something profound

and beautiful

Susan Braithwaite
Susan Braithwaite
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