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Ocean Waves

by Minte Stara 9 months ago in heartbreak
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A poem about losing

Ocean Waves
Photo by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk on Unsplash

I am an ocean of hopeless dreams

I am choking on powerless screams

I am a wound that cannot be healed

I am a feeling left unrevealed –

I am a past which cannot be changed

I am a puzzle kept unarranged

I am an ache of desperation

I am words forgotten ... hesitation

I am seeing nothing and losing myself

I am a friend left alone on an empty shelf

I am all of an empty and all of a full

I am unimportant and ever sorrowful

I am the one who is reaching and never receives

I am lost in a forest of nightmares and thieves

I am worthy of something and worthy of freeing

I am my family, my heart, my wellness, my being

I am what I am.

I am.

I am.


About the author

Minte Stara

Small writer and artist who spends a lot of their time stuck in books, the past, and probably a library.

Currently I'm working on my debut novel What's Normal Here, a historical/fantasy romance.

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