by Zach Myers 12 months ago in nature poetry

Dreamcatcher's dance

Photo by Dyaa Eldin on Unsplash

Illuminated desert sand

Effervescent stars upon the Earth

Dust of ancient Gaia's hands

Nature's ashes, on the wind they surf

Serpentine souls in the dead of night

Slither their songs between rock and bite

Guided by the sky, I walk the path

Apparitional whirlwind glides across the glass

Incisions through mountain scapes

Saguaro embrace

Feathered messengers

Harmonize in peace

Bushes sway with dreamcatcher's dance

Swallowing ominous shrouds of desert dwellers

Hut of a healer, watchmen of wildlife

Herbal aromas fill the air

Spirits come for drink and sleep

Reminiscent tales chant with cheer

Animals gather 'round the energy

Celebratory oasis draws its neighbors near

nature poetry
Zach Myers
Zach Myers
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Zach Myers

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