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November Remembrance

I wrote this when I was 16. No hate plz

By Abby CunninghamPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
November Remembrance
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Just calling to ask about the dog

and the star.

They’re still there I know.

But I’d like to hear

about that odd dog that kn

awed at your basket in the field

and I want to hear about our old star. The

one that sat on the tip of the spire

at 10

after the lecture.

small and obedient

peering around in

quiet adoration.


I just remembered now

I didn’t take you up on that offer

to grab milkshakes in November.

Do you remember?

I was utterly slated at the debate.

Didn’t matter much - you still laughed in

the corner at my weak points and

weaker responses with golden cheeks

and at my red-cheeked moments of late.

I will admit

I was too young.

You, too champagne eyed

so I winced at the thickened air

and walked along the dark


lung-clearing path to the dorm


You went, a little wounded.

God, I wish I was braver then.

Sorry. Hi yeah.

just checking

that you got the last message?

Maybe I was a little too much,

Funny that. I never was before!

stop. So I want to see you again

maybe. Sometime before that

obedient star finds another ledge

to perch on. God he was clever.

Always knew a good thing when

he found it.

No matter. We can find him,

perch on a new security,

however extreme,

and eradicate the platitudes.

Misty eyed and breathing

in the wide night. Humbled with quiet adoration.

Honouring our November Remembrance.

love poems

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Abby Cunningham

Hi I'm Abby. I am poor AF so I post challenge titles without entering. You will be doing your girl a favour and funding her monthly Vocal subscription by reading this material.

Stay woke, Save the Animals and Eat Katie Hopkins.

Love yaXx

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