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Not Who I am!

Believe my heart, not what you see!

Not who I am

Media portrays me as a savage on the loose

Maybe it’s my fault—I fiend for the juice

Because of these quick dollars-I sell dreams

Destroying the hopes of those who worship my triple-beam

Started small time then moved to harder blow

Counting millions of nickels as you drown in snow

I never answer when the question of caring is asked

I do, but my tears are hidden behind my cold, facial mask

That cold mask, takes me to a space

To avoid the pain I caused in this place

Because of my choices-I can’t sleep for days

I’m society’s nightmare-an educated black man

But I chased a fast life-so I’m society’s black man

Media’s definition of how to be a zero

Fox news channel new hero-The Unproductive Negro

Giving them images of negativity and stereotypes

I have to change-I don’t want to be a part of that hype

social commentary
Roderick Allen
Roderick Allen
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Roderick Allen
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