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Not So Dark

by Shnider Shoto Sheva 3 years ago in performance poetry
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I'm in the mood... let me write.

open source code... nothing to hide.

I'm not that rude... u need to open ur mind.

people still fighting for food... so I thought I found the light.

they wanna kill ma thoughts... doing a war without a fight.

I called u family... why you still fingering Shnider's Mind.

360 looking for the cake, just for a single bite.

alone coz no one could handle my diet.

they are so far... but I can feel the vibe.

we live in a holy box... no god to bribe.

I just wanna find peace and you are not here to subscribe.

I did this to myself I thought touching ma soul will be nice.

I wanna grave myself to the truth but reality hits me twice.

we r just kids who can't define value from size.

skip love we thought everything has a price.

ma mother paid the price.

while ma father showing off the other guys.

he thought my prayers can take him to paradise.

I'm not a fan and that's something he must realize.

my time is hard... every day I smile with tears on my eyes.

it's a jail and they call it a comfy bed so they can tag the price.

I had a dream just like u...

u built it based on imagination but I used my IQ...

performance poetry

About the author

Shnider Shoto Sheva

I'm a June Gemini... that's all what my mom knows about me.

name it ...


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