No Title 2

by Kay Williams 2 years ago in sad poetry


No Title 2

Been waking up depressed everyday for the past month.

And everyday for the past month I've wanted to die.

But really, do I?

I'm so unhappy, I don't know why

But I know when I look up there is blue in the sky

A blue that much matches mine.

In this state you get grey clouds and dark skies

Lately its been bright

But something doesn't feel right.

Every day for the past month I've been dragging 2 tons weights at my feet

I don't want to do anything

Yet I yearn to do everything.

Just something,

Something nice.

A simple hike

Or fly a kite.

(I don't know how to fly kites.)

Today I am glad the sun is shining again,

Today I am glad it will be 76 degrees

Today I am sad

I wonder when I'll start to shine again

Lately I've been shining with a dim light

I try

I try

I try...

And then I do nothing but cry.

I do not have the energy to even crack a smile

sad poetry
Kay Williams
Kay Williams
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