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No Ordinary Fairy Tale

A passion poem

By Alice SchellingerPublished about a year ago 1 min read
No Ordinary Fairy Tale
Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

A vision and a treat she is,

so delectable and enticing.

The carefully chosen bodice will be discarded in a manner of seconds

She knows, but chooses to wear it for his pleasure still

He approaches her slowly,


Amber meets sea glass and a fog sets in

Pupils dilate,

and soon, it’s nothing but gnashing teeth and lashing tongues

as two apex predators succumb to being each other’s prey

Milky white skin flushes a delicate pale pink

Conversation quickly turns to hushed seduction,

a heady mix of primal growls, low purrs, and long, drawn out sighs

Dainty hands quickly turn into powerful paws

as nails transform into talons

that mar a strong back

Sighs soon become howling cries and desperate whimpers

And Little Red becomes one with the Wolf

as they dance with The Little Death




Until there is nothing left of that wanton hunger

And even after all that,

when the hunger has abated,

the thirst still lingers on the tips of spent tongues and swollen lips

and the hunger will rise again

Until they are to drink and dine once more

Sweet, Little Red and her Wolf

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About the Creator

Alice Schellinger

Poet and classical literature aficionado. Lover of the arts. Creator of short stories, poems, and articles. Hostess of The SchellingtonGrin Podcast.

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