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No One Gets It

by Marina Beshara about a month ago in sad poetry
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A sestina about the rollercoaster of love

No One Gets It
Photo by Nick Russill on Unsplash

No one gets it like art

No one lives it like love

I sit there laying on the top of the water

My eyes closed, all is dark

I’m surrounded by the killing silence

Waiting for my body to sink.

Blink, I try to blink but again, all is dark

Is this supposed to be love?

I fight to breathe, against the waves of the water

I fight to survive against this silence

I remember your eyes, better than art

But still, I wait for my body to sink.

The angels became demons in the dark

The soft violet sunk in the silence

Oh how you were my beautiful art

How would you know reality when mind and body sink?

Time passes slowly when you try to know love

Now my body is floating on water.

Colder, the nights became colder in the dark

And now I am morning for my love

He used to catch my attention with his best art

Now he speaks like silence

Now it’s all gone, and I sink

Just like my tears mixed with the water.

Lover, I thought you were my lover, my art

But you left me in the deepest dark

You introduced me to music, then threw me in silence

Looking for the sunny side of love

You showed me the roar of seas then left my ship to sink

And left me fighting against heavy waves of tears, of water.

Matter, it doesn’t matter anymore, love

I’m drowning in the red water

I’m not fighting against the dark

I know now a new form of art

A melancholy silence

I will just let my body sink.

sad poetry

About the author

Marina Beshara

★ F I N D M E ★

Wattpad: riinab

Instagram: riinapoetry

Tiktok: riinapoetry

Personal Instagram: m.a.ri.na

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