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No One Can Take Your Love

Mauve light

By Amy ChristiePublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Above horizon

and this touch,

I feel home waits

in fog, it grows still,

the path looks dark,

hope gone,

dark wings spread clouds,

how can I see beyond raindrops

when all that meets me when I call

is hail falling in silence,

a quiet echo of my longing,

a loss that doesn't know the end,

can there be ever after in twilight,

can I hope for surrender

in gray amber



In wishing to fly above all

I found another peak,

I always wanted more,

but looking back, there was no hand,

no heart to share happiness with,

no doubts to cross happiness limit,

I kept all as it was,

I always won,

but couldn't feel the taste

of joy.


I let go of an endless trip

into the next thing I can win,

I yearn for happy thoughts,

at peace,

growing my garden,

loving petals,

ivy returns to guard my window,

I trust roses,

no thorns

will end this dream that started

close to soul room,

the night

keeps fan of memories

further than sadness can reach glass,

no window breaks,

no will undone,

I am myself again

I can laugh one more time,

throw cares on breeze,

let joy find me with daisies.


Now I believe

in second chances,

no matter

all the times

I tried and failed,

I cried

and no one

answered back.


I banish anger from this place

I open windows

to gleaming mauve light

why wait another second,

this breath will take me back

into myself

to start living today,

make future moments count in wishes,

let butterflies dream once again.


If it was me inside a stranger's heart,

I take it back,

I want a whole life

out of shade

full sight of joyful ending

that can start again,

of peaceful dreams that know

no one can take your love



© 2022 Amy Christie

Originally published on NewsBreak

Photo credit: Pexels


About the Creator

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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